Boy blind in one eye since birth - miraculously healed at Perth4Jesus 2014
14 years old boy had back pain all his life, miraculously healed at Perth4Jesus. Now can move, bend, run without pain.
This girls did not want to stop running after her legs were healed. Before she couldn't do it without limping.
Young boy, doctor's son could not walking without limping. Now walks normally, his hips were healed.
Wonderful testimony of healing the whole family. Son delivered from autism, eyesight problem -now calling people t give their life to Jesus. Mothers knees healed.
This boy could not walk properly. See what the Lord has done
She loved to play tennis but couldn't because of multiple sclerosis. God healed her. She can swing her arm again.
This man had a bicycle accident and could not raise his arm up. Surgery did not help. See what happened to him at Perth4Jesus Rally.
This man had his hearing restored at Perth4Jesus Rally
This lady was diagnosed with leukemia - felt pain leaving her body
Perth4Jesus in name and vision reflects the heart and ideal of every Godly church in Perth... click on photo for more
Beating deep within the heart of our Father God is the salvation of individual people, cities,and nations... click on photo for more
Last year Perth 4 Jesus rallies were a resounding success which saw many first time conversions... click on photo for more
Perth4Jesus is a time to bring in the lost and the sick to hear the gospel... click on photo for more
For witnessing and evangelism there is no right way, only right on photo for more
I am praying for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a historic harvest of souls at Perth 4 Jesus is an awesome event!