Senior Pastor | Victory Life Centre, Perth

Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE, PhdLLD (Hon)

Perth4Jesus is a time to bring in the lost and the sick to hear the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to see and know the demonstration of His healing power and love for all mankind.
So, Christians, rise up and bring the ministry of reconciliation to our city.

Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE, PhdLLD (hon)
Senior Pastor
Victory Life Centre, Perth

Envangelist | Christ For All Nations

Reinhard Bonnke

For witnessing and evangelism there is no ‘right’ way, only right principles, principles that can be drawn from the New Testament. The apostle Paul himself said “That I might by all means save some”. The test of what is ‘right’ is whether the Holy Spirit makes it His chariot.

It is unfortunate when certain methods become sacrosanct. We can fight one another for traditions which may be non-functional and the machine itself becomes more admired than the product. Faithfulness and sticking in a rut is not the same thing. Faithfulness means being faithful to the message. Circumstances may demand a new or radical approach, but the fundamental objective is to reach everyone and touch them with the hand of Christ’s love.
I am amazed by the brilliance of thought being exercised in the world church today. But brilliance may be an intellectual dance on the edge, rather than an effort in the harvest field. Sadly so much mental effort goes into doctrinal quibbles, technical irrelevancies, exercises in philosophical academics. If we might by all means save some, then one legitimate way is to think how to do it. Genius is welcome and has a worthy subject in the Gospel.
Sister Vera is a true evangelist. We have met a number of times and talked about these things. Her heart and mind is set to win the lost for Jesus – no matter what the effort or cost. That rings a bell with me. I highly appreciate this faithful handmaid of the Lord and recommend this event to all fellow-Christians.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke
Christ For All Nations

Senior Pastor | Kingdomcity

Mark Varughese

Perth4Jesus in name and vision reflects the heart and ideal of every Godly church in Perth. This is more than just a great event - this is an opportunity for churches, ministries and individuals to stand together and see God touch our city in an unprecedented way. Last year laid a great platform and the fruit was undeniable. This year, Kingdom City is completely behind Perth4Jesus in prayer and support and we look forward to see and hear the amazing reports that will arise from these 3 days.

Mark Varughese
Senior Pastor
Kingdom City


Steven Davis

Beating deep within the heart of our Father God is the salvation of individual people, cities,and nations.
That's why Perth 4 Jesus is such a powerful way to reflect what is in the heart of God.

With a tremendous faith filled start in 2010 which saw 153 first time decisions and many healed of all sorts of ailments.

This year with another step of faith to the next level Perth 4 Jesus moves to the Challenge stadium to see a demonstration of The Spirit of God that will leave Perth with no doubt that Jesus Christ is alive and still saving and healing people today. I highly encourage and recommend that the Church of Perth come together to see God something spectacular.

Apostle Steve Davis

Senior Pastor Churchlands

Dr John W. McElroy

Last year’s Perth 4 Jesus rallies were a resounding success which saw many first time conversions and brought the churches of Perth together with a common cause.
I wish to add my endorsement and blessing to this year’s event which will build momentum for kingdom expansion in our city.
Please continue to pray for the organising team and the significant vision and faith involved in hosting an event of thismagnitude. We at Churchlands offer our total support and prayers.

Dr John W McElroy
Senior Pastor

Evangelist | Christ for all Nations

Daniel Kolenda

I am praying for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a historic harvest of souls at Perth 4 Jesus is an awesome event!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
President, Christ For All Nations